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Wet-Tail Drops Kordon, Llc

OASIS WET-TAIL DROPS are an effective liquid treatment for the condition commonly known as “wet tail”. Wet tail is a stress induced diarrhea that is very dibilitating on the hamster and often fatal. Early diagnosis and intervention is the best course of curative action. See detailed disease description and instructions below. These effective drops have the same antibiotic as the competing brand – and may be used in place of or in a continuation of treatment started with that brand. However – OASIS WET-TAIL DROPS have a palatable orange flavoring. Hamsters love the taste, and consume more water, increasing the odds of a successful cure. Its a matter of choice…and the hamsters choose OASIS WET-TAIL DROPS every time! Safe for use with hamsters of all sizes and types, mice, rats, gerbils and guinea pigs. WET-TAIL DROPS come in a one ounce bottle, with a convenient dropper and detailed instruction sheet. 1 Oz – Replaces Ma09320

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